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T-Mobile Boasts a 4G Blackberry

Hot on the heels of 4G Blackberry announcements from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, T-Mobile has released the Blackberry Bold 9900.


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The Internet Meme Statistics Parody Infographic

With so much controversy about news, meme’s and fact checking, it’s high time someone summed it up this well…


“A Parody Infographic” by Penguin Pete on Deviant Art

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Google Scores a Big Victory for BitTorrent Sites

Breaking Judgment in Google’s Youtube Copyright Court Case

Google has won its court case against Viacom, where it was facing a $1 billion claim for allowing users to upload copyrighted clips to YouTube. The landmark case is expected to have a major impact on future cases dealing with the responsibilities of the operators of user-generated media libraries, including BitTorrent sites.

google bayOver the past years Google has been battling in court with Viacom over the question of whether YouTube is protected against copyright infringement claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Louis Stanton granted Google’s motion for summary judgment, ruling that Google is protected by the DMCA’s safe harbor provision. Effectively, this means that YouTube doesn’t have to remove any clips unless they are asked to do so by copyright holders.

“If a service provider knows of specific instances of infringement, the provider must promptly remove the infringing material. If not, the burden is on the owner to identify the infringement. General knowledge that infringement is ‘ubiquitous’ does not impose a duty on the service provider to monitor or search its service for infringements,” Judge Stanton wrote.

In a response, Google claimed the judgment to be a victory…

via: TorrentFreak by Ernesto

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Digg Version 4.0 Publisher Preview Video

Kevin Rose Digg v4 Publisher Preview

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Truth in Advertising Bluntly Speaking

Can you just imagine a world in which everyone honestly said what they really had on their mind? A reversed from the norm story about how a marketing campaign is made.

Everyone says what they are really thinking, instead of what you think they should say…

What a concept.

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Map of the Internets

A Map of the Internets IPv4 Spaces Circa 2006


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Hello Web and Welcome to Smashing Crunch Tech Magazine and Cyberculture Blog

Welcome to Smashing Crunch Tech Magazine and Cyber-Culture Blog. This is our first post, seriously, just check the date. We promise to bring you the best better than the average buzz with a lighthearted or pointless, perhaps ranting and occasionally totally wrong. Satire may be involved or not, but smart comments will probably be on most posts, the rest will have really dumb pointless dribble.

The really bad rude and obscene posts will all be due to gremlins in our computers. You see sometimes they re-write the information. That being said…

Enjoy the things to come, and don’t take life to serious. Be like a Nike commercial and just DO IT!

*** Disclaimer: We are not Smashing Magazine nor are we Tech Crunch although we do think they are pretty cool, cause they are both half right on the coolest name for a website ;) ***

p.s. you can find us on Twitter as @SmashingCrunch of course

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