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Hack the Planet: Hacker Rigs Road Sign to Rock On!

Those Those About to Hack, We Salute You!


In Stevens Point Wisconsin, A digital construction sign along a central Wisconsin interstate has been flashing a rock-inspired passionate message to passing motorists. The sign near Stevens Point spelled out "Danger Danger," "High Voltage," "When We Touch, "When We Kiss," to rush-hour drivers Thursday. The words are borrowed from the song "Danger! High Voltage" by the Detroit-based rock band Electric Six. quote: modbee

James Bierman, co-owner of Central State Signing, says a hacker must have changed the message board.

The black and orange construction sign was placed on Interstate 39 because the state Department of Transportation contracted with United Painting of Forest Junction to repaint several overpasses in the area.

AP – This combo of four photos provided by WAOW-TV shows a digital construction sign that flashes "Danger Danger," "High Voltage," "When We Touch, "When We Kiss" for passing motorists on Thursday May 27, 2010 along southbound Interstate 39 near Stevens Point in central Wisc. Apparently a prankster was feeling a touch romantic or was inspired by some rock lyrics when he or she tampered with the sign. The words are actually some borrowed lyrics from the Detroit-based Electric Six rock band and its song "Danger! High Voltage." (waow.com)

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